Movement Workshop w/ Dave Disanto 12-2pm 1/27

Dave is a local Movement/Yoga teacher who i s coming in to share his knowledge to expand our yoga practice and look at how a Movement practice can help benefit it. This workshop is to develop a different approach to your Movement practice. Traditionally many of us experience movement in a very linear fashion - we seek to change this completely. Our first subject matter will introduce the idea of organic strength and our relationship with the floor. We will then create an environment of fighting without contact, unveiling such concepts of how discipline can lead to freedom and improvisation. Working with partners, groups, using tasks and play are key components for this afternoon of exploration. Price: $25

Flight Club: Landing Gear w/ Justin 11:30-1pm 2/17

In this round of Flight Club we're going to work on smooth landings from our inversions. We'll go over handstand/headstand to chaturanga, crow, koundinyasana, 8 angle, wrist taps and who knows what else! We'll flow around for a bit to get elevated and then start working on some smooth landings. Price: $20

Evolve, Empower, Elevate w/ Justin 11:30-4:30pm 3/3 & 3/4

This is a 10 hour immersion designed for yoga teachers looking to deepen their knowledge to better uplift their students. This immersion meets Saturday and Sunday in 2 5 hour sessions. The weekend will consist of 4 modules. Evolve your teaching by delving deeper into the knowledge of creative and intelligent sequencing. We will go over different methods of sequencing, do and don'ts, and work on writing sequences together to gain a deeper understanding of how powerful it can be. Then we will learn to Empower our students by honing our skills of delivering deeper Dharma talks. Justin will go over how our unique life experience can be used to connect with our students on a deeper level. And finally you will learn to Elevate your practice and your students by learning the anatomy, alignment, and transitions of arm balances and inversions. Before we can impart these powerful poses we have to understand them fully. And the best way to do that is by doing them! After you learn how to do them we will go over techniques to impart these amazing poses in our students practices. The main goal of this immersion is to enhance your teaching abilities so that you can add greater value to your students lives through your teaching. Please email any questions or concerns:) Price- $125 by 9/1;  $175 after 9/