Put my Leg Where?! w/ Denise 11:30-1pm

Put that leg where?! Behind your head! Yes! Eka pada sirsasana or leg behind the head pose can be an intimidating asana. Unlocking this pose opens up a new world to your yoga practice and even in arm balances. In this workshop Denise will help you open those hips and hamstrings in a flow geared to getting you in or closer to this achievable asana. We will also spend time cooling down properly to leave class feeling balanced. Cost $25

Flight Club: Stay Lifted w/ Justin 11:30-1pm 6/16

In this round of Flight Club we're going to work on staying upside down while doing different things with our legs. This will be a physically challenging practice so be prepared for some serious hang time!! Students can use the wall or center of the room while practicing. Price: $20