Justin Reilley, Owner- Justin is a devoted husband, father of twins (Nate and Jules), lover of all animals especially his dogs Penny and Misha, handstand addict, is a skateboarder for over 20 years, martial art enthusiast, and avid crossfitter.  He has been teaching in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area for over 5 years now, and has also traveled all over the US to teach workshops. He is a former Lululemon Ambassador, has been featured in Mantra Magazine and co-headlined the Wanderlust Festival when it came to Philadelphia. He has a unique teaching style that empowers his students to do things with their bodies and lives that they never thought possible. His classes are intense, laden with humor (mildly inappropriate at times), sweat, but very intelligently sequenced to progress his students through their personal yogic journey. He has a deep love of yoga and focuses on how the practice can lead one towards their personal greatness. If you come to his class be prepared to work hard, sweat a ton, try things you may have only dreamed of, laugh hard and hear some expletives. He prides himself on making Yoga Rebellion a place where students can come in and feel like they are home. Yoga Rebellion is not a community, its a family.

Lynn Von Thaden- (Refused to write her bio in the third person:)-

My practice has given me so many lessons.  Ultimately, it has been a journey of being my most authentic self.  It has also shown me that no one's true self is an asshole.  If you spend some time rooting in and being with yourself, at the deepest place, you will always find positive vibes.  You will find joy, gratitude, maybe some straight up silliness.  You will love who your real self is, I promise.

I started practicing at South Boston Yoga with David Vendetti in 2008, I moved to Los Angeles and got to put my mat next to the best practitioners and teachers ever: Ally Hamilton, Tamal Dodge, Liz Arch, Charlie Samos (just to name a few).  I did my Teacher Training in Arambol Beach, Goa with Trimurti (formerly Bodhi Tree) Yoga in 2013.  Not yoga things: family, friends who are like family, dogs, red wine, Harry Potter, Sam.

Denise Mendez- Denise discovered yoga in her early 30s in search of doing something for herself.  This busy mother/wife/hairstylist knew she needed an outlet.  Enter yoga. Yoga has inspired her to drop limitations, strive for more and help others see how awesome they are.  Denise creates classes packed with possibilities that guide students to see their own capacity.

Lisa Newell, Shauna Murphy, Demi Marcantonio and Cait Clements…. coming soon:)