Class Descriptions

All Levels Class

This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioner. If you're a person who is active, an athlete, runner, crossfitter or otherwise have taken fitness classes before then you should be fine with no experience. Ifyou have never done yoga before and have no background in working out this class may be extremely challenging and we don't recommend taking it. You should start with a beginners series to get aquatinted with the pose names and more importantly your body and breath. We do offer a beginners series every few months to help get people ready for the intensity that comes along with a vinyasa yoga practice. When in doubt shoot us an email and we'll help guide you!

Strong Vinyasa

This class is specifically for people who want to elevate their yoga practice and are looking for a challenging class. You will need a great deal of self awareness, strength and conditioning for the strong class. This class is not appropriate for beginners, first time yogi's or someone who hasn't taken an intense yoga class before. If you are a person who can takes very intense fitness classes you should be able to get through but class moves quick since we are expecting a level of proficiency at yoga poses to begin with. Also this class has a lot of difficult transitions, inversions and arm balances, not to mention a lot of push ups and core work. These classes fill up quickly and we'd appreciate you only signing up for it if you will come to class and can handle it. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!